Apertura Faisan 2014-15

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I wish I had something more exciting to write, but it was just a down and back trip. The main purpose was to get all the details and paperwork sorted out, check out the lay of the land, scout the area to assess conditions, and ultimately to work the young Braque Francais pup.

About the only place it was comfortable to be during the day was in the shade. But that didn’t stop Slim from wanting to breeze a few fields.


Slim wasted no time getting busy. That dog is a pure magic. 95 degrees, high mid day sun, and yet he managed to trap a few roosters to show the young dog how to do it. It really helps having a veteran dog like him on the truck. He is easy to read, does his work diligently allowing the young dog to cut line and get up on birds right from the start.


We hit a small grass field that ended up producing a few roosters, one of them the largest bird Ive ever seen.


It was so hot, and the dogs so run out of gas after only a short walk, that it was impossible to get the pup to pose with the bird. On a side note, I was using a vintage low pressure 1&1/8oz of No.5 re-load recipe that just seems to work well in the old model 12 16ga.


Much of the area was turned under, and many of our normal grass fields were dirt. There was also large tracts of Cotton, in fact most of the fields were planted in juicy green cotton.


We tried to set ourselves up to be in a nice grass field around sunset. The hope was that as the day came to an end the temperatures would drop. No luck there as we headed into a perfect dirty swath with temps still holding around 95 degrees.


The Braque didn’t seem to mind and hunted like a champ. He stayed out front, had some great honor instinct and managed to keep his nose down working steady the entire outing. There is nothing better than watching a young dog come to life on their first hunt.



We tried to squeeze every bit of hunt out of the day and worked right up to sunset. The last field did not produce many roosters, but we did get lucky enough to catch one of my favorite photos to date. The colors of the sunset in the valley are something special, and yet there is a peaceful finality that comes with the dark. Knowing that the day is over, a sort of quite calm, reflecting on the events of yet another great day in the field.