Braque Francais Quail

Posted by: on Feb 4, 2014 | No Comments

It has been an interesting year to say the least.

The long, dry, hot winter has made it seem like the season has just begun. The reality is that everything is wrapping up.

This time last year we had several inches of rain, and most of the fields of wheat or barley already had two inches of good growth.

This was a photo from the same weekend last year.

Here is the same spot, same field this year.

And we are seeing similar conditions all around Southern California and Baja.

Despite the arid conditions we are still seeing birds and getting into them, and nothing is stopping us from enjoying a few tacos next to the river.

We are exercising stricter conservation limits, and the only other thing we can do is hope we get some much needed rain in March, April and May. If there is enough moister in the ground the first few weeks of April the birds will breed.

Despite it being an interesting year with the weather, in the end, a nice day in the field with compadres, a good pup, and a glowing fire is what it’s really all about.