Based in Racho Santa Fe, California, Lucky Pup has become one of the most highly sought after training facilities in the U.S.

Marcus started training and competing in AKC Hunt test and AKC field trials. It was his passion for working dogs that helped him hone his skills. His training method is multi-facet which enables his dogs to excel and learn at an accelerated pace.

As an amateur dog competitor Marcus trained with some of the nations top trainers. Dissatisfied with local trainers in San Diego Marcus sought out and participated in training seminars and clinics with some of the top trainers. Traveling the country Marcus studied and worked with the likes of Mike Lardy, Rex Carr and Jim Dobbs.

Striving for perfection he did not stop there and at the same time he studied/implemented text book behavioral modification techniques. It was this combined approach that led Marcus to his current training philosophy that centers around positive reinforcement techniques, then backed by one of the basic forms of pressures that dogs use to communicate.

It is this uniquely individual training method that has made Marcus stand out among other dog trainers. He is sought out for his ability to “ fix “ dogs where other trainers have failed. Puppy development and problem solving behaviors are his specialty.

His method is always pro-active, and never reactive.

To sum it up strong leader, strong follower. Shaping behavior, or training your animal is like creating a diamond. All you need is time and pressure, the correct length of time combined with the right amount of pressure and you can turn any animal into a diamond.

“ I teach your animal to think, rather than just obey. At the end of my program your best pal will have a solid understanding of the basic commands, but the best part is that they will be compelled to please you. Following my simple technique and method, together we will create the bond between dog and handler, creating a bright, spirited eager to please companion that wants to be a team player. “ ~ Marcus Vitale ~