GSP Pups a coming

Posted by: on Jul 5, 2014 | No Comments

With Slim turning 10 this year, I figured it was best to get a female pup in order to continue his line.

It was important for me to keep Slim’s Dual Champion German lines. We sourced out two of the top European dogs, and from that we will take a pup.


Dad is a Dual Champion. It is amazing how much he looks like Slim, but this is to be expected when you source out similar lines. His father was the world champion in Field Trials in 2005. His bloodlines are entirely of German decent. He has a strong nose and a beautiful hunting style, and like Slim he is exceptionally smart. It was also important to find a dog that not only retrieves birds well, but also loves water.


Same as Dad, Mom is from strong German lines. To us it is important to get a Female that not only is a strong field working dog, but also looks good. I think both of these goals were met, and in the end she should throw not only powerful field dogs, but also good looking pups.

Pup 1

Pup 2