Holy Trinity

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Does it get any better?

All 16ga, one pump, one double gun and an Sweet 16 autoloader.

It has been tough hunting. There are birds around, but you have to work to get them. To make thing a little more challenging we are running nothing but old dogs and young pups. The old dogs know their job and work hard, but at a much different pace. So with young pups in tow we took to the grass.

I am always amazed by my old GSP. We pushed the field to the end where the cover became short, thin and turned to bare ground. In a spot that you could never image a bird to hide, on the edge of the field, he locked up hard. I was not expecting much, so we nonchalantly walked over to him. I tapped to release him, he did’t budge. One more touch on his back and he sprung out and nosed up two birds, both rooster.

One gunner took the first bird and killed it clean, but I was still stunned that there were two roosters in stubble so short that I whiffed the my shot. It made for an interesting retrieve as the bird landed across the road, over the canal, landing in the far field.

I have to admit, I love that dog. He hunted hard, trapped two roosters, and didn’t think twice before shooting out over the canal to retrieve the downed bird. He just does it all, and he does it all well.

The next morning we scratched pretty hard. In fact one of the guys commented, “If I knew we were going to have to scratch so much, I wouldn’t have trimmed my nails!”. We bounced around a bit, and then ran into this fellow. We stopped to offer him a bird or two, but suddenly became intrigued by what he was doing.

Apparently his job was to sit there and make these little balls of mud. The purpose? To throw these crude globs of dirt into the field to scare off the birds. I asked him what exactly do these birds look like that you want to chase out of the field. His response “exactly like the one you just gave me”.

Woozy with excitement, yet exercising all the self control I could muster, I politely offered our services. Informing him that we have a method that will work much better than tossing dirt clods at them.

Off we went, 16ga in hand old dogs out front, and what a walk it was. The action was fast and steady and before you knew we emerged from the field thrilled. After a slow morning, we saw more birds in that one field than we did in two days of hunting.