Pre-Season Progress Report 2013-14

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We have now made a couple trips south in the past three weeks, and well I have to admit, I am pleasantly surprised. The conditions must have been steady, and thankfully we have had a very cool mild summer. So far the bird numbers are holding, and looking good. Several of the ranches had 2 hatches, and we spotted young birds on more than one occasion.

There were plenty of signs every place we stopped.

And had I not been playing around with new features on my camera, I would have caught many more on wing. Excuses, Excuses. Doesn’t matter if its camera or gun, there is always some external reason why we miss our shots!

The ranches are starting to harvest the grain crops, and wheat yields were up again this year. Since all the farming is done dry, this is just another confirmation that however little rain fell, it must have been steady all spring. Good not only for yield but birds too. As the grain comes out, many of the ranches have already started putting in seasonal crops. We saw plenty of tomato, asparagus and this field of squash.

One thing I did notice was that more and more ranches were putting in grapes. The Valle De Guadalupe was buzzing with foodies and wine tourist alike. The face of that Valle has changed so much, so quickly. In fact, I almost didn’t recognize Antonio De Las Minas with it’s new Pemex station and wine museum. There are several new restaurants that have opened, and we had the pleasure of trying two new gastronomical locales.

Some tasty treats from the other.

The view from one.

On a side note, Sicily may be having pups this winter. It has only been a few weeks, but by the middle of September I should know if she has pups cooking. If the X-Ray reports favorably, then we should have little ones on the ground sometime in the first 10 days of October with pups ready to go home in the middle of December!

Overall they have been good, productive trips down. Most of the business end of things went smoothly and are behind us. Now all that is left to do is wait for the season to open and enjoy!

Quail opens 4th of October!

See you in the Field,