Quail Nov15th,2013

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Our trip started in the crowed streets of down town San Diego. There really isn’t any way to fully describe the looks one receives while loading up dogs, guns and gear in a metropolitan setting, as the onlookers scurry off to their cubicles. It’s quite comical.

Just a short drive and the scenery changes dramatically.

We hit a bit of the Baja 1000 traffic.

But it didn’t take too long, and we were in the field.

It has been a steady year for the quail. We are getting into birds, but the coveys are wise and a bit scattered. We see large covey rises. Then on our walks chasing the covey up hills, or into arroyo, we will kick up several small flights. It was one of Sicily’s first days back in the field after the pups. She nosed up a few quail, and on the way back to the truck flushed up a little cotton tail.

Before you knew it we were loosing daylight. What better way to watch the sunset, and end the day.

Then it was back to the Lodge for a little dinner.

And what a spread we had.

After dinner it was time to retire by the fire and recount the days events. A few tales were told, some tall, but all of them true.

What can I say, life is pretty good. Despite tough hunting conditions, we are all still having a great time, getting into birds and most importantly celebrating commodore amongst friends and enjoying the outing. The new club has really made all the difference. It’s as if the lodge setting has transformed the entire hunting experience.

Come and join us, we’ve saved a seat for you.

See you in the field,