Quail y Patos con Joya

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Not wanting to risk our Sentri Pass with guns we decided the best way to bring guns back was to fly. Not to mention, when the weather permits, flying in and out of Mexico is the only way to go. Skies were clear, so we loaded up the dogs and headed south, one more time.

It was just a hop to Ensenada, then a short drive down to San Vicente.

This is my favorite photo of the season, i’m going to call it ‘Paint or Hunt’. This is a good buddy who saw us loading up as we headed out to the ranch while he was painting. We extended a last minute invitation which he politely declined because of his duties. About 30 seconds later he was walking out of his house with his gun and dog! Priorities Son, priorities. We laughed and joked about it all day while we hunted. In the afternoon while setting up for ducks I noticed the paint on his hands and snapped this photo. Only hours before he had a paint brush, instead of his gun. Choices, you can never make up a day you miss in the field.

The valley is absolutely stunning this time of year. Everything is coming up and the colors are spectacular.

A few of the guys had some amazing luck. Jewelry!

Once again, when all the dogs had retrieved and brought birds to hand, we found ourselves with an incredible mixed bag. Mallards, Teal, Spoonys, Widgeon. Even an elusive Bufflehead was seen, but evaded our table one more time.

Dinner was superb and then we called it an early night. The next morning was a leiserly rise and we headed back. It was a quite drive out of the valley.

As we blasted off we took one look back, reflecting on what a wonderful closing to the season we had.

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