Summer just started but…

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For most of the country summer just started. The smell of sunscreen, trips to the beach, the county fair is all a buzz, but for those truly infected there is more on the mind. The summer fishing trips are upon us, and now we turn our thoughts and attention to the upcoming season. We are busily leafing through catalogs, maybe even sorting out that old shot gun, or mending the holes in our favorite vest.

Soon we will turn our attention into getting ourselves and best four legged pal in shape and ready for the fall. It’s amazing how fast time passes, but in a few short months the season will be upon us.

Even the young ones know it’s best to stay tuned up in the off season.

Email updates have been few and far between, but rest assured, we have already made several pre-season scouting trips and I am happy to report that the condtionions are better than I expected.

Everything is greener than I imagined, I even found ground water sitting in some of the normal places. Now the levels are down, but at least its not all dried up.

Concidering the lack of rain, I was even surprised to see the agriculture fields doing well. Ive heard some of the farmers complain about the water tables being low, but then again when don’t the farmers complain about water? Regardless, they seem to be able to pump some out.

We even got a measurable amount of rain on one of our scouting trips in may.

The weather was perfect and we took young pups down to help us count birds.

On our last outing in the middle of June we visited several spots. A few that we know hold birds, and a few locations we haven’t seen birds the past few season. We ended up seeing birds at every ranch, a very good sign, and we saw baby chicks in every covey.

One other point of interest is in the toll road. The finalization of that repair seems a long way out, but I am happy to report that the roads south of Ensenada are perfect (see photo in gallery).

My email would not be complete if I did not mention that we also got into some great meals, but Ill spare you all those details in this report (you can peek at the photos in the gallery). So for now I will just return to my busy activities of sorting though my shells and gear, getting the pups out for some pre-season conditioning, and maybe ordering that new set of tires my truck so desperately needs.

Because before you know it, we’ll be packing up and heading out into the field.

See you in the field,