Sunset Stroll

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We decided to do a quick afternoon trip this week. Just a fun outing to breeze a few of the older dogs with a young pup. The weather was not terrible, but by 3pm the mercury reached 91 degrees. We noticed that the dogs were pushing birds, and really struggling with pointing and trapping the roosters. Even though we had a nice high cloud cover, the heat was not really beneficial for man or dog. The best thing to do when it gets like that is post up, have a little lunch, and wait it out.

Everything taste better with an ice cold coke, even the bee agrees.

Just before sunset the air cooled down and the moisture began to chill us like someone turned on the air-conditioner. Before you knew it, we we’re back in business.

I was running a young pup that I started a year or so ago. She has been on Quail quite a bit, but this was only her second day in the field chasing chickens. She has plenty of drive, runs big, and does alright locking up. One of the the things that drew me to her originally was her looks. Slim, our male GSP, is getting older and I have been looking for a girl friend for him for some time now. The two compliment each other well, both have strong European blood lines, come out of a long line of dual champion dogs, and are good looking. Plus they seem to match each other in the field. He is teaching her a thing or two, but she managed to surprise me a couple of times.

Slim ran big, and then hooked back into the field at the corner. She stayed in a bit, and cleaned the edge in front of me. Before you knew it both of them locked up hard.

At first I figured Slim had run out and turned the running rooster back to us, and that she locked up on the same bird. Slim’s bird jumped first and flew from right to left, towards the pup and me. Bang! And the bird folded up. Like a report pair on the clays range as soon as the gun went off, up jumped a second rooster right under the nose of the little pup. A short flurry of action as dogs rushed out, and just like that we had pair of roosters!

Those were the only two birds I took that day. The pup had plenty more points and got to have some fun nosing up hens, so we called it a day. This is the first year I am starting to slow Slim down as he turns 9. He still has tons of heart, and just will not stop hunting, but the next morning he shows it. I didn’t realize it until I got back and saw that most of the photos were of the picturesque evening colors, all while Slim was curled up in the corner calmly sleeping (this dog never relaxes or stops moving). It was a bitter sweet moment as I viewed all the photos of the spectacular sunset that evening and realized that I just might be watching the sunset on His days in the field.

The ever great 11 year old Grey Ghost