The Last Days 2013

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Well the season is rapidly winding up. Most of the Quail Ranch extensions are now expired, and we only have a few weeks left on our gun permits. As one door closes on the season another is opening. We proudly announce the opening of the new home of Luckypup in San Vicente, Club Doce Patas.

We eagerly grabbed guns and dogs and headed south to the Lodge. On the way we stopped at one of the leaseholds, the weather was outstanding, the hills are turning green and the conditions were generally perfect.

The area has seen a fair amount of rain recently so everything was lush and in bloom.

We hunted just until about an hour before sunset, and then the rain came.

Normally a little sprinkle doesn’t stop us. We had such a dry and warm start to the season that both the dogs and hunters alike enjoy walking in a light rain. But by the time it started coming down we had a full bag, literally.

The fire at the lodge proved to be the perfect place to warm up while enjoying a little aperitivo and local flavor in the form of wine from the Valle de Guadalupe.

The following morning was incredible as we woke to blue skies dotted with just the perfect placement of clouds to provide shade for our upcoming hunt. The ground had soaked up the night’s rain, and the air was cool and brisk. What a treat, finally hunting in winter like conditions.

It was all uphill that morning. The evening showers had scattered the birds and the hunting was challenging. In the middle of the photo you can barely make out one gunner half way up the hill as he transverses the slope chasing dog and game.

With all the morning excitement behind us we shifted gears and set up for an pleasant afternoon duck hunt. The recent weather really helped the cause, and we had quite a nice outing. It was a flurry of action for a good hour or so, and the dogs retrieved a genuine mixed bag. Blue Winged and Cinnamon Teal mostly, but there were a few Mallards and even a Red Head, not to mention plenty of Northern Shovelers.

That evening we ate like kings feasting on our hard earned quail.

The only mystery was the strange findings of three different shot sizes. There appears to be 8’s, 7.5’s and a larger pellet that could be a 5 or 6. The smaller sizes made sense since thats what we were using, the unsolved mystery is where the larger pellet came from.

Overall it was a great late season hunt. The rain was a welcomed and pleasant addition, the cool days led to hard charging hunts chasing smart birds.

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