Time to Knock off the Rust and get ready!

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Every year it amazes me how fast the days pass between the time the season closes and when we start preparing for the upcoming hunts. This year was no different, the days have come and gone and now its time to pull out all that gear and knock the rust off, so to speak. Time to mend holes in hunting vest, re-sole our favorite boots, place attention to the parts on our trucks that need repair or replacing, sort out shells and polish and clean up our trusty field arms.

This one was a challenge, rode hard and put away wet. It was pulled out of who knows where by a client, who entrusted me with the task of reviving and restoring to as near original condition as could be achieved. It is an early 1900’s Riverside Arms Side by Side chambered in the mystical 16ga. Nothing fancy about this old gun, a ‘plane jane’ that could be had cheap at any hardware store. I can only wonder how many were sold as an impulse purchase on a routine trip to pick up miscellaneous supplies needed to complete the tasks on the honey do’s list.

Some would argue the gun was not worth saving, but I enjoyed the challenge and think the finished product speaks for itself.

Nothing remarkable about the Stevens Riverside Arms SXS. Just your basic box lock shooter, but at least now it looks like a gun again. There was some deep rust pitting on the outside, but the bore was smooth and clean. The old receiver polished up nicely, and I was able to get a deep blue finish on the barrels. All the working parts, firing pins, hammers, triggers, ect, were cleaned, lubed and polished. When it went back together everything was working in tip top shape. Amazing, considering the condition it started out.

After the old gun was finished we moved on to more important duties and headed south to check on the birds and ranches.

An old familiar view as we cruised south and entered the Valle.

As you turn inland and leave the coast behind one can’t help but notice all the new vineyards popping up everywhere in Baja. The region is having a big push to become the ‘Napa’ of Mexico, they seem to be embracing the vinicultura. The area is much improved due to this new interest and injection of resouces it has brought. Im happy to report the roads are in perfect shape and it was smooth sailing on the drive down.

There was plenty of grain crops coming up , of course ample fields of tomatos, and all signs indicate that we had a decent hatch. Over the next few months we will keep a close eye on how the coveys are developing. We have a few projects going, so there will be frequent summer trips.

We finished up business and made it back to the lodge just as the sun was setting. Things have shaped up nicely, and now all we have to do is head down and enjoy.

After dinner we decided to sit outside by the fire and enjoy the cool clear evening. Par for the course was to talk about great hunts and dogs from the past, which lead to discussions and plans for future outings.

Cloudy skies greeted us the next morning. We had breakfast, loaded the dogs and hit the road for home.

It was a successful trip down and we plan on returning in a week or so to make sure things stay on track. This time of year is one of my favorites for visiting. The days are not too hot, the nights cool off quickly and most of the mornings start with a blanket of fog. We spend the days visiting the ranches, looking for birds, counting coveys, and checking on the conditions. Its a great time to bring a dog and work on improving their skills. Now that we have a comfortable place to stay, the trip is that much better. If anyone is free and feels like joing, let me know.

See you in the field,