Whirl-Wind Weeks

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It’s been a whirl-wind few weeks around here.

It all started with the quail opener. We had a few early thunder storms, expected this time of year. It made for some wonderfully cool weather with much appreciated cloud cover.

The afternoon storms did not seem to have any effect on the birds. We saw healthy coveys at all the ranches, and the bird population is looking pretty good.

The dogs also enjoyed the cloud cover and moister on the ground which increased the scent. They had no problem finding birds.

It didn’t take long and we had dinner in the bag and headed back to the Lodge. We made short order of prep work and the birds hit the grill.

Our trip was cut short due to some un-expected news and early arrivals.

The pups came one week early. In addition, even though the X-Ray and Veterinarian told us that we had 7 pups, she ended up dropping almost twice that many.

So we hit the field one last time for a quick early morning hunt. We cooled off the dogs, then jumped in the plane and blasted home to take care of puppies. We registered the plane for a Customs and Border Patrol overflight permit for this season, so the flight was a short hop and before you knew it we landed direct in Carlsbad.

The next few days were spent running pups to the vetenarian, removing dewclaws, and making sure everything was progressing smoothly. After a few days of settling mom and pups into a normal routine it was once again time to hit the field. We hopped back in the plane and went out for a quick dove shoot, and to do a little arial scouting for the upcoming pheasant season.

We were home long enough to sort shells, organize our equipment and shift gears for pheasant. It’s been a blur of taco stands, birds and beautiful sunsets.

We kicked off the seasons with a bang, and I can now profess it is officially underway.

See you in the field,


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